History of CEAD

1992: Establishment

CEAD N.V. started under the name of Technisch Buro Atlas as a design drafting company for Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. The first projects were “ as built drafting services” regarding all oil field piping of Staatsolie in Saramacca and also the design of a new testtank facility for measuring the oil volume from the wells. Some of the oilfields were Catharina Sophia, Broederschap, La Proveyance and Sara Maria. During those days Cead N.V. was one of the first design companies working with Autocad.


Technisch Buro Atlas established a joint venture with a company called Cadcorp International providing engineering and design services mainly for Staatsolie. Cadcorp was responsible for the execution of engineering services while Technisch Buro Atlas took the design drafting services for their part. The combination did several projects under the C.E.A.D. ( Cadcorp Engineering Atlas Design). A major project done by the combination was the design of a treating plant for Staatsolie called TA58, consisting of heaters, piping and 12,000 bbls oil storage tanks. After the finalization of this project the combination decided to continue as two separate entities.


CEAD N.V. joined forces with Phoenix in a consortium to execute projects in the mechanical construction sector for the industry. The consortium executed several project such as: Booster station Pipe line Tout Lui Faut to Paranam Worm hole Several oil storage tanks TA 58 Turn a round staatsolie refinery Staatsolie IV oil tanker TA 58 fire protection The consortium also engaged in several projects with a Trinidadian company called Weldfab Ltd.


CEAD N.V. decided to continue working on its own providing engineering and construction services. till present CEAD N.V. executed several projects for companies like MAN Diesel Canada, Child Mechanical Contractors, MNO Vervat B.V., Marconi/ JDC. Some of the projects were: Installation of four 8.5 MW gensets Installation of one 4 MW genset. Construction of three pump stations for supply of drinking water Rehabilitation of 8 bolder barges 1500 ton Replacement of all runway lighting and electrical cable at the JAP International Airport.


The company was re-structured. CEAD became a group of companies consisting of CEAD Engineering NV, CEAD Manpower NV and CEAD Construction NV.


New leadership at CEAD. Mr. Jurgen R. Tjang-A-Sjin became Managing Director of CEAD.


Initial ISO 9001:2015 Certification for the CEAD Group.


Initial ISO 45001:2018 Certification for the CEAD Group.